Sunday, January 1, 2017

New varietal for the new year!

Happy new year!
Hopefully I will finally finish the 100 challenge in 2017! I recently obtained several new varietals on a visit to k&l wines in Hollywood. Oh what a treat that place is!

Here is one them!

Vereto Salice Salentino Riserva 2008
New varietal 100% Negromaro

The cork was barely coloured when i opened it but the wine itself was dark and almost opaque in colour. It is light and you can see that on the glass.
Light bodied with mild acidity, it is fruity with dark cherries and roasted apples. Even with full tannins sticking around, this is simple and eqasy to drink, with lingering fruits, tannins and hint of spices.

This was great with simple salad of frisee and butterhead, radish and japanese turnip. toasted black sesame, olive oil, lemon - meyer orange cross, salt, white pepper, cayenne. The olive oil (fat goodness) and bitterness of the frisee definitely brought out the wonderful fruitiness of the wine.

Unfortunately, it did not go well with cheddar cauliflower and thai chili cashew soup as was expected with fruitiness dulled and tannins emphasised.

Overall, a good cheap varietal to explore at $9.99!