Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tapas time!


It has been quite a hiatus of writing but the drinking has not taken a break! Plenty to catch up on but here is something interesting that came up recently. We got a few interesting tastings from a friendly manager at Buceo 95, an excellent tapas place in Upper West Side, NYC.

Wine list at Buceo 95
Giving the sommelier/manager a slightly adventurous vibe, we got to try the Listan Negro Ignios Origenes 2014, Mencia Bodega y Vinedos Akilia Chano Villar 2012 and Graciano La Sorda 2010. Very interesting varietals to add to the 100 list! 

The Listan Negro from the Canary Islands is an organic wine and was easily the riskiest one. Fairly light in colour and on the palette, it was acidic to the point where it reminds me of the time I attempted to make red wine vinegar from leftover wine. Bubbly with a rusty after taste, it was oddly enjoyable in the sense that if there was such a thing as sour wine like sour beers, this would be it. The nose reminds me of wet feet like a pinot noir. 

Also from the Canary Islands, Mencia was deep red in color and was light. It was well-balanced and acidic enough that it would go great with whatever tapas we were going to have. The wine leaves a lingering taste/nose of green (not vegetal) but wet mossy kind of thing. 

Back to Rioja, mainland Spain! Again, well balanced with plenty of acidity to go with any tapas. This was a little more tannic than the last, with some herbaceous notes. Overall pretty good. 

In the end we got a bottle of Mencia and it was great! 

More soon!

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