Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here is to Lauren

The 'Everything-up-for-grabs-cook-everything-in-my-kitchen' night.

Cook people cook!
Director Avery
Cook Direct Drink some more

Cheers to yummmy wine
Happy camper!

It was that crowded.

Hanging out with the pots and pans

He could not resist :)

Got more than watermelons!

Dear Lauren, 

     Wherever you are in this world, just know that we look at the same moon and feel the same gravitational pull on Earth plus or minus any anomalies where you are and where we are. I hope traveling is going well and that you drink wine from all over the world and get drunk like you would with us. It is ok that your plant died. I am growing more for you to pick up. So you better get your butt down here when you are back. I miss you! Take care travelling you silly surfer. 


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