Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cakebread at Wine encounter

Full house
I was excited for this tasting at Wine Encounter since it was free (won an online raffle!) and they cost a little too much for my budget otherwise. Yeay!

Well known for their wines, it was no surprise the room was packed. Cakebread began with Jack Cakebread over 39 years ago when he was to photograph Napa for a book. That same day, he bought a piece of property in Rutherford and Cakebread cellars was born. They produced their first vintage in 1973-Chardonnay.

Bubbles with goat cheese, honey, strawberry and crackers
Gloria Ferrer Va de Vi Ultra Cuvee
Medium dry and bubbly, it reminds me of crisp Chinese pear. I just wish it was served colder. Classic pairing with strawberry, goat cheese drizzled with honey crackers that went wonderfully together as expected. OO
Salmon, capers, pine nuts, red onion, pesto on foccacia
Sauvignon Blanc 2010
Reminds me of a crisp white bordeaux with hints of minerality. Smooth with fresh acidity, this has notes of green apple, honeydew, grapefruit. The pairing was with salmon, pine nuts, capers, red onions and pesto on foccacia which was great except for the red onion. Brought out the freshness and minerality of the wine. OOOo

Chardonnay 2010
This was a wonderful chardonnay. It was toasty and smells like fresh butter. Lightly oaked, it was silky creamy smooth although it had a slightly bitter end. The sad part is that the food pairing of mango salsa salad was not that good. The red onion a little over powering and the tomatoes was too much acid that cut the smoothness. Otherwise, mango was a great idea! OOOo
Roast Turkey with stuffing for Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir 2009
This smells a little toasty and of cabbage. Light like a Pinot usually is, the balance was a little off with a lack of acid. The savory pairing of turkey with stuffing definitely helped bring out the juiciness of the wine, making it more flavorful alone. It was as if it just needed a pinch of salt. Probably easy to pair anything with this wine. OOo

Tri-Tip with mashed potatoes for Cabernet
Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
This was a wonderful wine with an intense note. This smells young with good hints of spice, plum, cantaloupe, fresh jam and earthiness. Plush and juicy, this full bodied layered wine had flavorful notes of boysenberry, dark berries with soft tannins along with some wood. Great balance with smooth finish. It is no wonder they are known for their Cabs. Delicious pairing with Tri-tip and mashed potatoes which was like yin and yang of fat and tannins. OOOO

Fun tasting with great food! I always enjoy my time at Wine Encounter. They have excellent personal service and try to make it fun for everyone (Rich clinging glass and doing raffles). I love how they make it a point to get to know you.

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