Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wear Your Wine

Honey ceramic pot
Do you love wine? How would you like to wear it? Well, technically, it will be the happy bacteria that eats wine you will be wearing. Here is the article.

I have been experimenting with making wine vinegar at home for a month now and the bacteria that occurs is the one I use. The gooey globs are called the Mother of Vinegar. I doubt I want to let the goo dry on me. It smells like nail polish. Stinky but will be yummy in two to three months.

Mother is alive!
It is actually a pretty simple process. The tough parts are the smell and not getting it infected. I started it using Bragg's unfiltered apple vinegar (with the Mother) in a ceramic pot and added leftover red wine a cup at a time for three weeks. By the third week, a gooey glob had formed on the surface of the concoction. Now it is just a matter of time and feeding before there is delicious homemade red wine vinegar!

*If it is successful that is. I will update everyone!

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