Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jaffurs Winery

Here is the wine reviews as promised for Jaffurs Winemaker dinner at Proprietor's Reserve!

Thompson Vineyard Grenache Blanc 2009
A little spice on the nose. Light with good balance of acid. Sweet with a hint of lime. It went well with pairing, sweet and savory (smoke) yet still light. OOO
Honey Goat Cheese | Grilled Bosc | Prosciutto | Garlic Asiago Crostini
Santa Barbara County Viognier 2010
Rose and plenty of floral. The first thing I notice was it seems a little sweet for a Viognier. Has notes of papaya, longan and hints of orchids. It is a little acidic and it would be too much to drink a whole bottle. It was an amazing pairing and it worked really well with nuts. There were plenty of elements in the salad to make sure it went well. OOO
Seared Shrimp + Scallop | Herbed Baby Greens | Toasted Hazelnut | Grilled Yellow Squash | Red Bell | Brown Butter Vinaigrette

Santa Barbara County Grenache 2009
Smells like brandied cherries with good hints of cedar, herby green spice and earthiness. Fruit forward with obvious tannins but well balanced. It was dry with good plum flavor. The pairing brought out the sweetness. OOOo
Chicken Normandy | Green Apple | Dried Cherries |Toasted Pecan | Thyme Wild Rice

Santa Barbara County Syrah 2010
This had notes of cherry, smoky and raw tuna (weird but first thing that came to my mind). Fruit forward with a little pepper. It did not linger much. Decent standard Syrah but would not be amongst the best. Good pairing. OO
Braised Pork Roast | Boysenberry Syrah Reduction | Sweet Potato Mash | Sage Butter

Thompson Vineyard Petite Sirah 2010
Cabbage smelling. This was plush with plenty of berries with good hints of spice. Very tannic. Although it was great for the pairing. Tannins and fats along with spice. OOO
Grilled Chicken | Andouille | Crimini | Artichoke | Roasted Red Bell Pepper | Tarragon Cream | Crusty Bread

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