Friday, August 3, 2012

El Dorado Hills: Boa Vista Vineyards

After Madroña, we head to our last stop, Boa Vista Vineyards and farmers' market!
Bustling Market late afternoon
This tasting was more like the dessert to finish off a meal of wine for the day!
Fruity wine tasting
They only had the sweet stuff for tasting although on their website, they actually do produce table wines. We had their Estate grown Apple wine, Apple-Blackberry wine, Kandi Apple wine and one last one that I don't remember. It was all decent, simple fruity fruit wines that are not syrupy or overwhelmingly sweet. I could have gotten one for some easy summer drinking but I was really not in the mood for anything sweet. Well priced.
Sweet dessert
What actually impressed me was their yummy BBQ sauces and Olive oils and such products. They had fresh baked fruit pies too!

Local bar with local beer
And what better way to end the day than to pay a visit to the local bar scene and late night snack! Now we are all prepared for some white water rafting!
Late night snack: Spicy hot link with sauerkraut and pickles on toasted bun 

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