Thursday, August 2, 2012

El Dorado Hills: Madroña, Apple Hill

Madroña Vineyards

Peeling tree 
After wine and beer at Jack Russell brewing, we headed to Madroña Vineyards, 3000ft above sea level. Lovely place for tree climbing.

They had a cabin-like tasting room that was spacious and cozy. The lady pouring started us off with some reds, which was puzzling. The notes I had at this point were pretty short with several sad faces.

First of all, they were decent except for the fact that all the reds had a little too much tannins.

Madroña Shiraz/Cabernet Hillside 2009
Good notes of spice and fruit although the obvious tannins just took it all away. OOo

Madroña Zinfandel Hillside 2009
This had surprisingly plenty of tannins for a Zinfandel. Kind of overwhelms the juiciness of Zinfandels!   OOo
Pretty tasting room
Madroña Cabernet Sauvignon Signature 2008
This was tannic as well and was not at all complex. It probably needs more time although it was not fruity, lacking the characteristic layers that is typical of a good Cab. OO

Madroña Syrah Signature 2008
This smells like swedish fish! Although overwhelmed with tannins, this was plush and juicy, with plenty of fruit and a hint of spice. I wonder if it is due to the fact that everything else has been pretty tannic or lacking in fruit.  OOo
Then, after all the tannic reds, they served us the whites! I could not taste much and this is when the bold sad face showed up. I mentioned it to the tasting lady who did not seem to care, answering "oh, interesting."

Madroña Chardonnay Signature 2012
This was a tough one after all the tannic reds. There is really not much to notes accept the little oak tasted. Sad day. For all you know, it was good. OOo

Madroña Riesling Hillside 2010
Perhaps because of how Rieslings are, this had more flavor, with dry plum and medium body.  OOO

Spacious and comfy

Madroña New World Port 2008
Sweet and syrupy. Perhaps something that took away the taste of the tannins.  OOo

Madroña Barbera Hillside 2010
This was leathery. Simple with a tad much acidic and no fruit. Although i did just have a strong port.  OO

Some history

Arm wrestling everywhere
Overall, a not too bad tasting. I like the tasting room although i wished the lady was more knowledgeable about the wines she was pouring. This was better of the afternoon tastings but Lava Cap still triumphs.

Onwards to our last stop at the Boa Vista farmers market!

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