Monday, July 30, 2012

El Dorado Hills: Lava Cap, Apple Hill

Front of the barn

After some nice wine and history at Grace Patriot, we headed to Lava Cap Winery. The tasting room and outside patio was very busy such that we had to squeeze our way through and some just had to stay away from the bar.

Busy tasting room
Lava Cap Sauvignon Blanc Estate bottled 2010
This was sweet for a Sauvignon blanc with plenty of residual sugar. Easy, simple and smooth with a sweet citrus nose, this had good acidity with notes of tropical fruit longan and citrus grapefruit. $16 OOO

Lava Cap Battonage Chardonnay 2010
Not the overly oaky Californian style Chardonnay, this was well-balanced and smooth with notes of green apple and pear. $18 OOOo

Lava Cap Viognier Vinehill 2009
This is a refreshing Viognier with a nice floral nose. Well balanced with good acidity, great notes of peach and honeysuckle. Standard well-made Viognier athough I do not know about paying $30 for a bottle. OOO
Decorated with ribbons

Lava Cap American River Red Celebrated Cuvee 2009
With a nose of berry jam, this simple wine has notes of rich berry fruit and is easy with a little spicy kick. Smokey finish that was rather enjoyable. $18 OOOo

Lava Cap Syrah Estate bottled 2009
I do not understand what is going on but the rubber smell is back yet again! This was decently balanced with juicy notes of good spice and berries. OOOo

Lava Cap Cabernet Sauvignon Estate bottled 2009
Nose of caramel and blackberries, this was well balanced and not the big, bold Napa Cab. Relatively easier to drink than a typical Cab with notes of plum and berries, this had a lighter mouthfeel than usual.    Perhaps it is the lack of tannins that makes it different although it could have been aged well in this three years. It is hard to tell. But for $22, a ready to drink Cab is not too shabby. OOO

Lava Cap Barbera Estate bottled 2009
Fruit forward with notes of cherry and plum, there was a touch of residual sugar which made it pretty juicy. I enjoyed the soft tannins and the note of spiciness. $25 OOOo
Grand display of ribbons

Lava Cap Zinfandel Reserve Estate bottled 2008
This had sharp, obvious tannins although there was a good note of berries. Easy typical Zin with more tannins than usual. $20 OOO

Lava Cap Petite Sirah Estate bottled 2009
Fruit forward, unlike any Petit Sirah i have had. Plush and juicy with notes of berries, plums and good herby spice. I liked it so much that I invested the $30. OOOO

Lava Cap Muscat Canelli 2009
Notes of tropical fruit, Guava! Smooth but was a little difficult to taste properly due to time constraints and tannins overload from the last few wines. $16 OOOo

Grown on volcanic rocks
Great tasting! I enjoyed everything and there was nothing bad about any of the wines tasted. Definitely very impressed by Lava Cap, especially by their great prices!

Next we head to Crystal Basin Bistro for lunch and wine tasting under the one roof!

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