Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tensley Syrahs

We became part of the Tensley Cellar Club last year and received our first shipment when the Santa Ynez trip happened. When we got home, we realised that they made a mistake on one of the wines!

So this wine was the mistake.

Tensley Santa Barbara County Syrah 2010
Smells like red tart cherries, cantaloupe and fresh gaminess with a hint of spice. This well balanced Syrah had juicy fruitiness of dark cherries and cantaloupe with good notes of tobacco and reminds me of fresh game. Sharp tannins and probably need some time to age to soften them a little. Well made.  OOO

Good mistake. Considering we will get the actual shipment and drink this one. Looking at pass notes from the trip, I felt like I would have like the other Syrahs (Tierra Alta and Colson Canyon) more than this one for some reason. I can't wait to try those!

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