Sunday, July 15, 2012

Russian River: Healdsburg

Food first!

With time between 4th of July in the Bay area and weekend white water rafting out east, we headed up North for some wine tasting! Duh!

First, pitstop for lunch to make sure our stomachs were filled. We had wanted to go Bovolo in a bookstore for some Pork cheek sandwich but we found it to be closed down! So instead, we went to the new Affronti food and wine bar. They had a good concise menu  on which everything sounded great to us. The portions were small as expected but enough to fill both of us before winetasting!
deviled eggs
crisp brushetta
First stop was La Crema, right next door from Affronti. Very convenient. The tasting room was very modern and not too crowded. We got attention immediately and the lady our coupon for 2-for-1 tasting. Yeay! We are off to a good start!
La Crema tasting room
La Crema Carneros Hills Chardonnay 2008
This had good nose although a little too oaky for me. It was very buttery with hints of apricot and bouquet but it was too much oakiness to the extend where one could not taste much of the fruit. The taste lingers which was nice. OOO
Tasting list

La Crema Chardonnay Russian River 2010
This was again overly oaky for me but there was more fruit with good minerality and was crispier with a little more acid than the last one. Odd but this seem to have a creamier finish than the last. Again, the taste lingers. OOO

La Crema Pinot Noir Russian River 2010
This had a good nose with the light cabbage smell of Pinot Noirs that some people describe as smell of feet. With hints of vanilla and berries, this had more spices than a typical Pinot. Well made standard Pinot with good tannins. OOOo

La Crema Pinot Noir Los Carneros 2008
This had more of a stronger fruity nose. Fruit forward with hints of berries and cherries, this was a little flat and could use more acid especially with the strong tannins and good spices. Lingers for awhile. OOO

La Crema Pinot noir Carneros Hills 2008
Good nose. Light and smooth with hints of dark cherry, minerality and spices. This was overall great except for the good finish with bitter tannins. OOO

Perhaps there are things about Pinot Noirs that I just do not understand yet but these Pinots received great reviews on Snooth! Oh well, Pinots confuses me.

La Crema was a little disappointing although I am glad for the experience. Now on to Bear Republic for some beer! Well, I did not drink any beer but someone else did! I took a walk to check out the local wine scene since wineries like Toad Hollows (Had the Eye of the Toad Rose once) and Ferrari-Carano were all close by. 

Bear Republic
Beer Flight
Drunk bears
Toad Hollows

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