Monday, July 23, 2012

Hungarian Irsai Oliver in Davis

After the Russian River trip, we heading out for our white water rafting trip out East at American river. On the way, we stopped for dinner at Seasons, supposedly best restaurant in Davis, all dressed casually (which was great because everyone there was old and appropriately dressed). 

The menu featured plenty of locally sourced food and everything sounded unique, from pork cheeks tacos to baked peaches. 

They had a wine menu that had mainly local wines with some notables. This one caught my eye.

Irsai Oliver, Szőke Mátyás, Mátra Hungary 2011
A Hungarian white grape Irzai Oliver. Another for the Quest List! This had an amazing floral nose with notes of minerals and reminds me of a sweet plum wine. The smell kept me at it for awhile. Smooth and well balanced, it was refreshingly fruity and floral with notes of lychee (kind of like a Gerwürztraminer), and juicy peaches. Slightly bitter mineral end with a floral touch. The food definitely brought out the acidity of the wine. OOOO

Little Davis calf

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