Thursday, March 8, 2012

I need SUGAR!

The sugar plum fairy visited and I went on a frenzy. More to add to my Quest list!

Weinkellerei Römerhof Riesling Trittenheim-Mosel 2009

Badly craving something German and sweet (good coincidence), I was desperate enough to get this one from Wholefood for 8.99. Being the first German riesling, I was glad it was medium dry/sweet. Too sweet turns me off. It smells of pear, apricot and juicy white peaches! Light and refreshing, not too acidic, well balanced and smooth to the last bit. Taste of sweet apricots with hints of almost ripe pear giving it a little tart. A nice silky finish. Easy and simple. OOOo

Next I got this from Spirits of St Germain (known in UC San Diego as 'The liquor store') that has tons of wine along with a $3000+ bottle up for grabs. This was after an attempt to San Diego Wine Co but found it closed. Bummer.

Columbia Valley Gewürztraminer 2010 

My first Gewürztraminer! Smells like a riesling, pear and apricot! Refreshing like champagne, has a little of the bubbliness, nice acidity giving it the crispness. Calming and smooth with notes of dried apricot, lychees (which I love!) and a certain mild spice (cannot figure out what..). It has a certain mild bitterness at the end. Medium dry finish and a nice coating in your mouth! OOo

I had it with grilled juicy Salmon and it was great!


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