Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage Wine

After finding out that Vintage Wine is the closest place that carries wines from Edwards Vineyard and Cellars, I was eager and almost anxious to visit. Dizzy after a whole load of work, I decided that some wine shopping would be necessary and headed there.

The shop was rather well hidden but it took only one wrong turn to get there so not too bad. If you know Miramar road (that connects to La Jolla Village dr), take a left turn (coming from La Jolla) where Carl's Jr is on Commerce road. It is on the right in Miramar village shopping center. This place could use more signs but from what I know, they have a pretty solid client base.

When I set my foot into the store, a bored-looking guy at the register hesitates to greet me and did when I stared at him (are-you-greeting-or-not stare) as I walked in. I knew my goal but wanted to see how it goes in the store so I immediately started looking at the wines thinking maybe he might ask what I was looking for. I gave up pretty fast and asked him instead if they carried local wines especially Edwards from Ramona. He showed me what they have, commenting on the wineries a little and the local winery scene in general. I don't know if he is really enthusiastic about wine or not. Maybe I caught him on a bad day. We wine chatted and I asked about tastings and he said they have a bar which is opened anytime and started walking there. He seemed a little hesitant, which was annoying but perhaps it is just the way he is.

Ramonets at wine bar
The 'wine bar' was a small little counter with a wine preserver fridge behind. There were square tables with white table cloth over them and cheap chairs that looked like they came from a restaurant with bad decorative sense. Rock music from a radio in the background. Overall, not a pretty sight but that is probably the least of their worries. From the sound of their site, they are likely catering to the more serious collector who cares about the wine more than anything. But honestly, they could get more business just by putting up directional signs and spruce up the 'wine bar' a little. They were out of the Chateauneuf du Pape, which I wanted, so it took me awhile before I decided to try the two Ramonet,

Ramonet Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 2009  
 Did not like it as much as the other Ramonet. The minerality was a little too much for me. Other than that, I still like it better than the californian Chradonnay.

 Domaine Ramonet Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru les Caillerets 2009 
Well balanced white with good minerality with a tinge of bitterness at the end which is not bad at all. Hints of peaches and more pear. I like it better than California Chardonnay. Very enjoyable white.

Edwards and Vesper
He seemed impatient and it annoyed me although I did not show it. He left immediately when a delivery man came in and went to 'work' after as if he could not wait to leave. So I just started browsing to see what they have. Amazing selection with plenty of Italians and French. They have random bottles from acquiring collector's cellars so the shelves looked odd with one or two bottles laying around. Most of the wines had Wine Spectator tags which I didn't like. Not much of a personal touch. They did not have much Washington and had some Oregon.Wider selection than San Diego wine co and good prices although I cannot tell for many of them.

I found out the guy was Rick. Jon the owner was there too and he was nice. In the end, I settled for Edwards Whale Mountain Red 2006 (50/50 Petite Syrah and Syrah) for 13.95 and the Los Pilares 2010 (50/50 Grenache and Carignane) from Vesper for 19.95 (worth it?). I am excited to try them! 

Overall, not a bad experience but I doubt I will come back often unless I want some Edwards or locals. Maybe for their Saturdays $5 tastings! 

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