Sunday, March 18, 2012



I had this bottle.
The bottle on all the websites I searched had a bottle with a different shape than I had.

Schnaitmann Lemberger Württemberg 2008 

Others had this one.
My first Lemberger. This might sound weird but the first smell that hits me was durian. Durian is a thorny tropical fruit with thick yellow flesh. Some people cannot stand the smell of it while others think it heavenly. I belong to the latter. It smells of thick sweet durian with a little bitterness (a treasured trait). It reminds of of the prized XO durian where XO whisky is used to 'feed' the durian tree. Wonderful scent!

Unfortunately, it did not taste anything like durian. Might be a fortunate thing because that would be awfully weird. High in tannins, it is no wonder there is the bitterness to the smell. The tannins are a little overpowering, masking the plums, berry jam sweetness it has, not to mention the spice. Pity.

I am bias but because of the smell, this wine is just out of this world. 

Now about the bottle. I searched everywhere online and could not find anyone with the same bottle as mine. It is not even on the website of the Wine Store I bought it from! This is not the first time that it has happened. I wonder who actually controls the bottling? I went to their Website but hmm I cannot read German. Time to investigate!

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