Monday, March 12, 2012

Wine Steals SD

It was Monday night and the urge to drink some wine hit me like a train. So I hassle up two lovely ladies and headed for Wine Steals Hillcrest. Work tomorrow? No big deal.

Hillcrest is a wonderfully gay area in San Diego. It is one of my favorite places in San Diego! Delicious food, hidden gems and super fun party scene.

This place was popping Monday night! People of all ages out to enjoy themselves, having their happy hour $4 per glass wines and $2 pizza! Great deals!

They had 8 wines for that prices:
Four whites: Oxford Landing Viognier, a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay and a Verdejo (which I have not tried before)
Four Reds: Wrongo Dongo Monastrell 2009 (added to list!), Wine Steals Cabernet Sauvignon, and two others I do not remember.

Their pizza was thin crust and looked really yummy! I did not have any due to the atrocious amount of pizza I had over the past week. Instead, I went for their Arugula salad with cantaloupe,bell peppers, raisins, sweet dates with a creamy lemon dill vinaigrette along with goat cheese crostini! It was a well balanced salad with the sweet cantaloupe and dried fruit to go with strong tasting arugula and a tangy dressing! Who would have thought cantaloupe would be good in salads?

Deeply engrossed in the interesting conversations we were having about similar ideas and thoughts about life, a lady started singing while playing her guitar. We got distracted as we sip our wines (got a bottle of their cab!) and listened to her voice. A few songs went by and another lady joined her, which made them even better! Although the sound system of the place was not that great, we all agreed that if they were on an album and we had earphones on, it would be perfect!

Wine steals was what I needed on a Monday night. They have a limited selection of wines, but the ambiance was incredible along with the great deals! Overall, I got over the case of Monday blues at a good place with even better company.

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