Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Taster!

My PTC taster test arrived today! I ripped the box apart to find a small little container of PTC test strips and tried it right away. It was bitter crap. Reminds me of the mysterious chinese herbal soup my Mom used to feed us. Ok well, I guess I don't have the recessive gene and I can actually taste! I have been dubious about this for awhile after the study came out.

Well but what does it mean now? I went to read more and then more. Looks like I am likely to have more of fungiform papilae on my tougue (big mushroom taste buds).  Alot of studies shows correlation between tasters and their tolerance for tasting bitterness and sweetness. Apparently, I taste bitterness and sweetness more intensely than non-tasters. No wonder I hated the herbal soup!

The non-tasters on the other hand just cannot taste the bitter PTC/PROP. It is really curious! I cannot imagine anyone not being able to taste the bitter crap!

Also, I came upon this.  I wonder how true that is for me. Simple food has always been a staple for me back home. It was until I came here that I started adding salt to my food although I consciously avoid it. Maybe it is because mentally I know it is bad for me? Oh well, I am probably like this lady who is a taster too but have grown used to certain food. 'Acquired' taste.

Now to have a taste test with the rest of my 99 strips.

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