Friday, March 30, 2012

Fifty Seven Degrees

Wine bar and event space

The perfect temperature for storing wine? The optimum from what I have read so far has been 50-55 degree. There is really no optimum to speak of in fact. It is usually a range and it depends on other factors like humidity, the way you store your bottles (tilted, horizontal, vertical), vibrations and exposure to the Sun. Anyhow, we went to FiftySeven Degrees for Foccacia Fridays (1/2 priced!).

When we walked in, an event was going on, 'Making the Konnection' with DJ Barry Thomas where a portion of the proceeds goes to Miracle Babies. There was not many people around (perhaps because the place is HUGE!) as we browsed around for a bottle to start with.
Wine Selection and Local Art
The organisation of wine was confusing with a lone Pinot Noir on a rack labeled 'Syrah'. Their signs were hard to see especially if you knew what you wanted. Also, the prices were marked up a lot more than other places I have been to-Costco, SD Wine Co, Vintage, WineSteals to name a few. The nice thing about browsing their wines is that they have nice local artwork on display all around, making the browsing experience better. Overall, B- on the wine store.

Tous Les Jours 2008
We settled for the Andrew Murray Syrah Tous les Jours 2008, $31 with the $10 corkage fee ($16 on their website). They say that corkage fee covers costs like professional wine glasses and services but this was a twist off. Doubt I will do that again. 

We wanted to have a Syrah since we are getting our Trio of Syrahs from Tensley Wine tomorrow. This one had a good cherry and spice going on. Dry finish with a good balance although it might have been a little acidic for my taste. OOO

The food service was great! Orders were taken quick and they arrived fast. The aperitifs and foccacia (served on a bamboo cutting board) looked wonderful and tasted even better! Great deal on the foccacia too ($2.50!). They had aperitifs such as dates wrapped with prosciutto along with caprese salad etc. A good but limited menu with bites to go with the wine. (The service was probably fast also because we looked like the only ones who were actually eating.)
Taste buds!

The ambience was blah. Warehouse styled with high ceiling, it had plenty of place to fill. It just did not feel cosy although the space was refreshing. Perhaps with more people it would have been better. Party anyone?

All in all, I really enjoyed the company while exploring the wine scene in San Diego!

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