Saturday, March 17, 2012

Syrah Vines and Greens

Syrah buds
Jump Start 12!
A month ago, I found out on craigslist that a brewmart in Banker's Hill was clearing stocks. Naturaly I informed my brew friends and they went on a frenzy. Being there to witness them buying out the shop, I discovered all these gardening goodness on sales! After a full month and a half of sitting on my shelf, I was finally spurred to start the gardening after obtaining some syrah cuttings to propagate from Campo Creek!
Before and after adding warm water
Ready to grow!
Starting with the Jump Start 12 starter kit, I did as the instructions said and poured some warm water into the tray. The little pellets grew from half inch to almost 2 inches tall with a blink of an eye! I planted a couple of different seeds on each pellet and left it on my window sill. Two Genovese basils, two Fox Cherry tomatoes, two Beefsteaks tomatoes, two Marketmore cucumbers and four Mesclun salad mix ready in a month and a half!

Syrahs in small temporary home
Then I broke out the 'pots' for the main star, the Syrahs from Campo Creek! These porous pots are supposed to just retain water to reduce water usage when gardening but only when the planted into the ground. Oh well, this is temporary until I get more pots! Although, potting them with some organic soil (what?) from home depot, they seem to do fine. Not a lot of leakage as the soil soaked up all the water. Phew. But now hunt for pots! Craigslist!

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