Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mentions (a)

On my Quest for 100 journey so far, here are a few notables that I have yet to mention,

Orin Swift "The Prisoner" Napa Valley 2009

This dark red almost purple wine smells of thick berry jam and no smell of the alcohol even though it was more than 15%! A fruity wine that is easy to drink with nicely balanced acidity and tannins. Taste of dark ripe firm cherries! Very enjoyable with food which tends to bring out the spice and complexity of the cab more.  OOOo



Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2011

This is an interesting wine because when I first smell it, it reminded me of cake batter with raw eggs in them! The cake batter had hints of blueberries and light green spice in it. When I drank it, it is light-medium bodied with taste of blueberries, plum, vanilla cake batter with hint of hillside flowers and a certain greenness to it. it is lightly acidic with a soft tannins, well balanced overall. Refreshingly young. I can definitely see it as a good wine after abit of aging. 

Even after an hour, the taste lingered and I remember the smell so clearly! Its pretty impressive in that sense. It makes you want to go back and have a taste again! The label on mine is different from the one here although it seems to be the same wine! It has more on its label saying special cuvee etc and it is pink and silver (supposedly made for valentines day).  OOOO

Moretti Bianchetto 2010

This wine is made from three italian grape variety that I have never heard of. 60% Arneis, 32% Tocai friulano and 8% Malvasia Bianca. Its pale yellow in color and smells of ripe pear with a certain crisp to it. It was a little flat even when chilled properly although the flavor was wonderful with hints of pear, the smoothness of white peaches and a little of green apple. It is creamy and easy to drink. We had an arugula and endive salad that went well with it, along with herbed chicken with olives cooked with a little of this wine. The pairing was pleasant and enjoyable. A simple italian white.  OOO

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