Saturday, July 21, 2012

Russian River: DeLoach

With just enough time for one last tasting, we headed to DeLoach, which I found out about from the Hook and Ladder Winemaker dinner. I was disappointed to find out that the DeLoach family did not own this place anymore but the name carried on. 

De Loach
When we arrived at the tasting room, it was fairly busy and we waited a little before getting some space at the tasting bar. 

DeLoach Chardonnay Hawk Hill Vineyard 2009
This oaky Californian style Chardonnay was too much for me, although it was clean refined with good acidity. If I were more objective, I would have like this, but nope, I like my not-overly-oaky-more-European-style Chardonnays. I just wish it had more to it than oak. If anything, the oak overpowers everything when excessive, which is pretty sad because I am sure there is more to it! OOo

DeLoach Russian River Pinot Noir 2010
Decent nose with the typical cabbage vegetal smell as usual for a Pinot. Simple, fruity and lightly spiced, I like that it had a certain nut roastiness to it like roasted hazelnuts! OOO

DeLoach Pennachio Pinot Noir 2008
Standard Pinot but more fruit forward than the last, this had notes of leather and toasty butterscotch. It reminds me of a cherry pie with nice crisp browned crust. OOO

DeLoach Maboroshi Pinot Noir 2008
Cabbage notes, this was lush with high alcohol content and taste like it will go easy with food. Fruit forward with hints of plums, this was well balanced. OOOo

DeLoach Durell Vineyard Pinot Noir 2008
Again, typical Pinot with the vegetal smell, this had interesting hints of game in the nose. Fruity with a good balance, it had notes of smokiness, game and spicy especially in comparison with the last few Pinots. OOOo

DeLoach Zinfandel Forgotten Vines 2008
Fruit forward with notes of plums, this was an easy Zinfandel but I don't know when I have ever had any Zins that are not easy to drink. This was well balanced with a good tannin structure with a little spice. OOOo

DeLoach Late Harvest Gerwurztraminer Russian River 2008
I haven't had a Late Harvest Gerwürztraminer (Noble Rot!) so this was interesting considering that the grape itself is already very floral and flavorful. This had a great nose like other Gerwürzt I have tasted, full of lychee notes and sweet honey suckle. This was definitely sweeter than a regular harvest but not that much. It had good minerality and had more body than other Gerwürzt with more residual sugar. OOOo
De Loach tasting room

Grape looking good
That was the last stop for wine for the day, marking the end of the Russian River trip! Overall, DeLoach had standard wines that were well made but did not blow me away. It was great to taste the Pinots back to back though. I have a difficult time benchmarking Pinots and it makes the OOOOs I give inconsistent sometimes. More on that later!

I was sad that we did not get to visit Hook and Ladder but maybe next time. The wines that really stood out today was the Chardonnays from J Wines. But there were also plenty of Pinots which I have trouble with.

All in all, great tasting trip!

Now onwards to Russian River brewing in Santa Rosa for dinner!
Russian River

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