Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Diego County fair

The lineup

The annual San Diego County fair is here (and over-Yes I am a little behind)! To my surprise, there was free wine tasting of local San Diego wines! We got in the fairly long line with the smell of BBQ and fried goodies (fried pineapple with chocolate sauce and coconut flakes was my favorite!) in the air. They had educational boards with questionable facts about wine along the line.

Well here goes the tasting.

Witch Creek Barbera 2009
This had a toasty note and it was too acidic, reminding me of a sour cherry pie. Questionably drinkable. O

La Serenissima Claret 2009 (Unfiltered)
I am not sure why this is known as Claret but then I do not know what Claret is suppose to mean. This wine has origins from John Tiso Vineyards. If my taste buds were not ruined from the first wine, then this is the definition of tannin bomb. It does not smell good and is a little over acidic. o

San Marcos Winery Super Tuscan 2010
I found this to be under Granite Crest Vineyard. With 85% Sangiovese and 15% Cab, this was really bad. They barely began production for this wine (the onlny wine they produce!) in 2009. Smells bad like rot and it tasted like a sour beer. o

Rock Canyon Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
This was likely the better of the four especially after the last two wines. This was a little on sweet side for a Cab with too much residual sugar and there was no to little tannin structure. O

Sad day for San Diego County wines. It just re-enforces the belief people have that San Diego cannot produce good wine. If you want to get the public excited, give them something good! Not something you want to get rid of. Oh well, long way to go. But please people, don't give up supporting local wines! There are others out there that are supposedly decent and hopefully their report will be good when I pay a visit.

Wine Education

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