Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SB Chardonnay

We bought this on the way back from the Santa Ynez trip!  

Hilltop Ranch 38%
Sierra Madre 25%
Scheid 15%
Thompson 15%
Lafond 7%

This Santa Barbara native has hints of papaya, melon and a blend of tropical fruits. Smooth and creamy, this Chardonnay has a touch of crispness (30% Stainless steel and the rest in a mix of french and Hungarian puncheons- Large barrels holding more than 500 liters) which makes it more enjoyable. It taste a little than sweeter than Chardonnay, like there was some dried toasted raisins thrown in. I just wish the finish was cleaner although it was smooth. OOOo

We had this with lightly seared scallops and it was wonderful. Butter with butter, creaminess with more creaminess. YUMMY. The 30% Stainless steel definitely helped with that. They say to open after three years after the vintage years but it is already showing pretty well. I am excited to have another one of this next year to taste the development!  

Hungarian Puncheons seem to be making a wave in California. Here is an article!

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