Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Port VT

Not long ago, I attended the Sandeman Port Virtual tasting on Snooth live from New Orleans with Gregory Del Piaz and George Sandeman (7th generation). I might not have done it if they did not send me two of the bottles (Vau Vintage 2010 and the Tawny Port 20 years).

Since it was 4:30pm Pacific time (7:30pm ET), I had a great excuse to leave work early and taste some port and have a dessert party! Not too shabby!

Live on Snooth!

The Snooth live tasting was pretty cool, Greg and George were already talking live when I checked in. Snoothers were checking in from all over the place! As they began the tasting, we could ask them questions like what is Port etc. Very interactive and informative experience, with drinking involved!.

Some facts about Ports here: It is fortified with a neutral spirit (sometimes known as brandy), which stops the fermentation, leaving more residual sugar than typical wines and giving it more kick. It is produced exclusively in Duoro Valley, the Northern part of Portugal. There are two category of ports: Bottle-aged or Barrel-aged. It is 20% in alcohol!
Vau Vintage

Sandeman Vau Vintage Porto 2000

Well, I did not know that Ports were that high in alcohol content then and poured myself a huge glass! This full bodied port with plenty of residual sugar has a smell that reminds me of brandy, caramel, a little cacao and even coca cola! Which is interesting. With bright tannins, this dense opaque dark wine is fruity with notes of plum and dried medjool dates. Yummmy. Now I wished I knew more about Ports earlier! OOOo

Fun facts: Sandeman began in 1790 with George Sandeman, a Scotsman from Perth, in London.

Tawny Port 20 years
Sandeman Porto Tawny 20 Years Old NV

I learnt my lesson from the Vau, pouring only enough to taste. This was transparent brown and a smell of rum! It actually reminds me of my favorite Puerto Rican Rum, Ron del Barrilito! This syrupy port does not have much fruit and has a woody taste, like oak chips were added. Smooth, it reminds me of sweet plum wine but with notes of roasted walnut, honey, vanilla. It has a good kick, soft tannins and surprisingly clean finish.

Regardless of how Ports are suppose to taste like, this is wonderful! Especially when it reminds me of my favorite rum! I cannot imagine how the 30 or 40 yrs would taste like! OOOOo

Rainbow Fruit platter
Apple crisp! Favorite!
This was a fun virtual tasting with everyone jolly and sharing notes of what they taste. After the Virtual tasting, we had a dessert party ato go with the Ports! French chocolate silk cake, apple crisp with cranberry, Nutella strawberry crepes, muffins and fruits etc! Yummmy!

Fresh baked Muffins
French silk chocolate pie

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