Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olson Ogden

Recently, we were at Proprietor's Reserve for the Winermaker Dinner with Olson Ogden Winery. Here are the Wine and Food (Just for you Erin!) reviews.

Scallop and Marsala Chicken starters
Stagecoach Vineyard Marsanne "Margaret's Mandate" 2009
Jumbo Scallop | Apple Smoked Bacon Wrap | Brie Cream

I have never had a Marsanne on its own so another to add to the Quest List! It had a oaky smell with not much fruit and that is reflected in the taste. Rich creamy buttery diacetyl with not much fruit. Medium bodied with good acidity, reminds me of a chardonnay. Smooth and enjoyable. 

The first was a scallop dish and it was so yummy! Scallop wrapped with bacon in brie cream sauce with a touch of nutmeg.  It was a great combination! The fatty goodness but yet not too overwhelmingly rich. The pairing was decent, which brings out a little of the bitter soapiness quality of the wine. It went well with the creamy brie, which i could keep eating forever. It was not too rich but very flavorful! Interesting wine. OOOo

Black Pepper Chicken Marsala | Grilled Portobello | Garlic Herb Ricotta | Asiago Crostini

A blend of mainly Counoise, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Marsanne, this Rhone style wine was simple and easy to drink. It had good acidity but not much tannins which is probably a result of the Counoise, which has thin skin and is know to not impart much tannins into wines. Light bodied, it was fruity with dark cherry and a little spice. A little on the dry side and easy to pair with, it was great with the marsala spiced chicken dish! The portobello has yummy juices which was much needed for the drier black pepper chicken. OOo

Salad and Pinot
Fresh Cut Corn | Frisse & Arugula Salad | Marcona Almonds | Seared Dragon Bean | Parmesan Blood Orange Vinaigrette

This was a decent Pinot Noir although not outstanding. Good cabbage/vegetal smell typical of Pinots, good tannins, well balanced with good fruitiness. This was paired with spicy salad with a sweet vinaigrette and sweet corn. The Dragon beans were mild tasting but it was nice to have something cooked/warm in the salad. The parmesan blood orange vinaigrette was a little too citrusy for the wine. The Marcona adds a good crunchy dimension to the salad. It was a delicious spicy salad with a good touch of sweet corn although i did not like the pairing. The bitterness of the salad and the sweet citrus overpowers wine a little. Overall, I would not pay $50 for the Pinot. Maybe when I am rich. I loved the salad though! OOOo

Slow cooked pork and mushroom risotto
Extra pour of Milla's Red blend
Wine & Herb Pork Shoulder Roast | Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Risotto

Beautiful dark purple hue with nose of smoky bacon and spicy fruit! FYI, I am very biased towards Syrah. This fruit forward wine was  dry with plenty of tannins. It has some residue at the bottom. Very smokey with notes of rubbery burnt and sweet plum. It was a great pairing with the goat cheese! Erin made a super flavorful creamy goat cheese mushroom risotto although it was a little mushy, over cooked. The pork roast was very yummy just like before. Wonderful pairing! I loved the spicy smokey Syrah with the creamy risotto and tender pork. YUM. OOOO

Disclaimer: I am probably biased with the rating. This was delicious.
Braised Rosemary Lamb Shank | Caramelized Red Onion & New Potato Hash | Balsamic Fig Reduction

By itself, it was a little flat, lacking in acidity. Although bland, it had decent tannins and good notes of spices. Fruit forward wine. 

Another delicious dish with good sweet and saltiness. The balsamic fig reduction was sweet but altogether it was great combination, although I might not be able to eat too much of it. I didn't like the pairing due to the lack of acid from the wine to carry the dish. Instead, it brings out the alcohol and damps flavors and fruits.

My favorite dish next to the Scallop! Compliments to the chef! I really enjoyed the balsamic fig reduction so much that the next day, we picked fresh figs and made some balsamic reduction to drizzle over some sauteed figs with goat cheese! Talk about inspirations! OOOo

Finished off with a dessert of truffle chocolate, caramel wafers and other yummy chocolate bites. Mmmmmm, satisfaction. 

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