Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SD Wine Co: Argentinian

Back at SD Wine Co for some Argentinian tasting, in honor of a friend who was so enthusiastic about this tasting but went mia instead. Here goes!

Norton Mendoza Torrontes 2010
With typical notes of lemon and lime, this lemonade like wine had plenty of acid to boost with a tad sweetness. OOo

This also had good notes of lemon and lime although this was fuller and sweeter than the last. There was an after taste that was a tad on the bitter side. OO

This had a little spice to it with notes of cherry fruit. There was a certain bitterness to it that was not just tannins. Even if it was from the bitting tannins, it is still not a good sign. Oo

Made from 70% Malbec 30% Tannat. This had a darker purple hue than the ones tasted so far. It has a fruit jammy smell and had notes of spices. It was light and not flavorful, lacking in fruits. OOo

The smell for some reason reminds me of exhaust and fresh cut red pepper. Exhaust is probably an exaggerate, but that is not a good sign. This was fruit forward with decent tannins. Very young with notes of green pepper. A tad too much acid and an unwanted bitter finish. OO

This was enjoyable fruit forward with astringent tannins and slightly bitter finish.  OOo

Finally something enjoyable! Good nose of jammy berries, this was fruity with notes of cherry and tobacco. Obvious tannins with a slightly bitter finish. OOO

Tannin tannin tannin. Oo

This was pleasant with good fruity nose. Smooth and well-balanced, it just needs more time. OOOo

Overall, I guess I am not much of a fan of Argentinian wines a.k.a Malbecs. Maybe I just have not tried enough or good ones. Oh well. Torrey was there as usual. We each filled up our cart and had a great time browsing through their deals!   


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