Thursday, April 19, 2012

Box Wine and Pizza Party

3 Liters of Shiraz

Surprise party at an unknowing victim's place. The Shiraz turned out to be pretty decent. Very simple, with the usual characteristics of a shiraz, peppery and fruity, blackberries and cherries maybe. Definitely something I would have for a party at $9.99 at Trader Joe's ($2.5 for a bottle). Some even say it is better than two-buck-chuck! What more can I say.

Georgian Wine candy
A note on these Georgian wine candies that sparked an incredulous conversation. First, what do they look like (the consensus was to do with beads - although I thought the little tails made them look like triple headed something).

Second, what do they taste like. They actually taste really good! Looks can be deceiving. They taste like nuts wrapped with thick fruit leather. Last, they are made from wine! Wine is cooked for hours/days until they thicken to a paste. Nuts are stringed (yes) and dipped into the wine goo several times much like making candles and voila! Candy!

Apparently they have a name. Churchkhela! Learn how to make your own here! Too good.

Strings of nuts dipped in thickened wine
Yummy Alternative: Mango Margaritas


BBQ chicken is the shit.

Glimpse of pizza making process!
Calzone topped with fatty bacon

African pizza

Two faced pizza by two faced friend

Pile of leftover = Lunch tomorrow!


  1. Looks like fun. I am actually hosting a box wine and pizza party this weekend. I was looking for a photo to use for the invite and came across your blog.

  2. Oh nice, what box wine are you getting? I stumbled on another one thats pretty good!
    Its called black box and I got it at Vons!