Friday, April 6, 2012

Truly Fine Wines

Finally found a decent German wine provider! I was randomly passing the area and decided to take a look!

This is a small place in a warehousing area. It doesnt look like much from the outside but when you step in, you find this whole different world of German wines! Everything is neatly displayed. The place is cool and shaded from sunlight. A bell rings and Damon, the owner, comes out to assist me in a jiffy.

Both extremely friendly and knowledgeable, he gave me a number of recommendations, which in the end I picked the Siegrist Dornfelder 2008 (Addition to my Quest list!) . Being an alumni from UCSD as well, he gave me a college discount (disbelief! 15.95 to 12.00! For wine!) after understanding my situation. Very much appreciated and my peers certainly would too! German wines anyone?

Overall, I loved the experience of chatting with Damon and his colleagues about anything German (Spätzle!). You can really see his German roots surfacing after talking to him about five minutes. It is great to see such passion in ones work. I will definitely visit again!


*In San Diego

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