Saturday, April 28, 2012

Box Wine: Coachella cube

Sangria juice!

Ice cold Pinot Grigio!

For any of you who was at Coachella weekend two, it was hot. It was forecast to be the hottest ever. Warned countless times about wine drinking under the sun, I was still not going to give up and drink beer! And I am glad I found these Wine Cubes last minute at Target (no glass policy at Coachella) for $9.99 per pack.

Well, I didn't actually drink them straight but used them to make Sangria with OJ! Ice cold! Yummy... and cold. Definitely my drink of choice for the weekend. Non believers were asking for them too! Yeay! Wine Cube Sangria!

They were a little pricier than Block Red but still pretty decent for versatility and cuteness juicebox factor. Sadly, I could not tell you how good (or bad) the wine actually tasted. No matter, it made Coachella Awesome Possum. 

Coachella Sunset
Sharkie in da house

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