Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going Kosher

Kedem Cream Red Concord (Kosher)

Now this is what I call Grape juice. Hailing all the way from New York state, it is ruby red in colour and sweet smeling. Not surprisingly, it smells strongly of grape juice. This sweet wine (is it really a wine?) is incredibly easy to drink (9% alcohol!). It makes me wonder if there was any sugar added? Honestly, this is straight grape juice that was spiked. None of the complexities. O

This wine is made from Concord grape (common table grape), Vitis labrusca and that explains plenty about the taste. This grape to known to have thin skin which detached easily from the fruit. Since wine gets their flavors from the grape skin (tannins), this then limits the flavors that the wine can have. This native American has been described often as foxy.

Do you taste me?
Foxy: the odors and tastes of wines made from many of the American species of grape (i.e. vitis labrusca). A flavor substance called methyl anthranilate is partially responsible for this characteristic. A foxy wine smells and tastes like Concord grape juice. (From the Chicago Wine school website)

Nothing foxy about this one although I am still not sure what they mean by foxy (thinks of a fox). Hmm.

It is a little sweet for me and has this stickiness mouth feel and taste (like sap) that I am not a fan of (foxy?).  Probably will have it as a dessert wine (only 3.99 at Trader Joes!) next time.

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