Monday, April 9, 2012

Potrero Vineyard Concert

Campo Creek

Saturday was a beautiful day to head to a vineyard concert fundraiser. We were invited to the Musical Picnic in the Hills in Potrero (near the Tecate border). This familiar drive for Campo Creek was as pleasant as before. Rolling hills and bright blue sky.

Potrero Valley

Maness Vineyard
 Many have already arrived and mingling. David (host) was busy greeting at the door, taking time to chat a little with everyone. Dania (host) was inside helping everyone get comfortable and set down their food offerings on the buffet table. We baked Banana bread and brought a bottle of Rhone red (where Chateauneuf du Pape comes from!).

Chickens, Vines and the house

Many familiar faces were around from the Campo Creek episode, Janet, Richard, Bill, Liz from Maness and of course the hosts, David and Dania. Riley Davenport of Edibles magazine, long time friend of Dania was present as well, along with John and her sister (who looks very much like her!).  

Get your meat!
Meat table
We had plenty of delicious home made food, with the most notable being the meats! David and Dania had their own pig and chickens roasted (talk about farm to table!) and served on  the front of their tractor! The dogs were getting overly excited around the carving table, hoping for pieces of meat to fall. It was hard to not go back for seconds especially with the local wine pairing available!

Mama and baby goats roaming
The farm had goats, pigs, chickens and some horses. One of the goats had just gave birth a few days back so you could see the little ones suckling on mama's milk. The pigs next door were being lazy while the roosters peck away in the sun. With vines growing in neat rows next to it, this picturesque ranch is a dream come true.

Danny and Wife
 The concert started promptly at 1pm in the barn where a little stage was set up in a corner. Danny sang about his life, love and relationships as he told a fun story behind each song. Everyone got into the mood they clap along and some even started dancing as the dogs sniff and snoop around. Great way to begin a birthday celebration!
Concert in the barn

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