Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Viura Macabeo


DIY Spring roll table
 I got this at Trader Joes the second time I saw it. At first, I had thought it might be a region name but was looking for a new grape to add to my Quest list, so I went home, did my research and came back a second time, satisfied.

Viura or Macabeo, is a white grape widely grown in the Rioja region of Spain. Here is an article by Jancis Robinson, (Author of The Oxford Companion to Wine and The World Atlas of Wine- both of which I just obtained!)

Marqués de Montañana Viura 2009

Spring roll!
Floral and green apple. It has a full body and is rather silky. Taste of apricot and green apple, which maybe makes it a little on the under-ripened side (although some look for those qualities!). It is fresh with good acidity and overall good! (Especially for 4.99!) OOO

I can definitely see it being used for cooking instead of the usual sauvignon blanc. It might even add more flavors to the dish!

We were making Vietnamese style spring roll with roasted chicken wrapped around sugar cane, basil, lettuce, shredded carrot and glass noodle. Simple home made Vietnamese style dipping sauce with fish sauce (the key is the lemons!). Very yummy.

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